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Sysoft eRFP proposal evaluation system automates Request for Proposal evaluations. Although a seemingly straight forward management responsibility, the task of managing the evaluation process for request for proposal requires careful administration and tracking of substantial amount of information. If the evaluation for request for proposals is mainly a paper driven process, it makes the collection of evaluation data and the development of reports a very time consuming task. Sysoft eRFP automates the source selection process for various types of contracts including but not limited to: Service Contracts, Rental and Lease Contracts, Professional Service Contracts and Software and Technology Contracts. The software assists in providing quality evaluations, complete and traceable documents and timely contract award decisions.

It is a group decision support system specifically built in collaboration with several purchasing agencies to facilitate evaluation vendor proposals in response to RFPs and vendor selection. The vendor selection process is user definable and can be saved as templates for various different types of RFPs.  


Agencies using eRFP are gaining immensely by increasing the process quality of selecting the vendors. The evaluation is objective, transparent and in case of need audit trails are available. The increase in evaluator efficiency, the intelligent reporting systems, available process templates for different types of RFPs, ability of the vendors to go online and respond to specific criteria and presenting the same to evaluators are some the major benefits. The system provides real time progress monitoring for the RFP evaluation project. It also uses various cost models. Executive summary reports become very valuable for understanding the evaluation outcome at a glance. Evaluator comments and associated ratings provide justification for the evaluation process. Success stories from agencies using the system manifest the real benefits of using eRFP.


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FCCJ Purchasing Dept. highly recommends the use of Sysoft eRFP system
A process improvement opportunity to a time consuming paper based process to develop/manage the solicitation and evaluation of RFPs.





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