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Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Department of General Services (DGS), Bureau of Procurement (BOP)
DGS Bureau of Procurement has implemented the eRFP Proposal Evaluation System Ė a software program which automates management of the evaluation and source selection process for Request for Proposals. The former paper-driven evaluation process has been converted into one that is software-based. Please note, however, that the Bureau of Procurementís business processes have not changed due to the eRFP implementation.

The previous Request For Proposal (RFP) evaluation process was a ―manual‖ one, and was both cumbersome and labor intensive. In addition, document retention had become a challenge. Prior to exploring the viability of an automated RFP evaluation process, several key requirements were identified:

  • Ability to track evaluator progress 
  • Ability to capture evaluator comments 
  • Easily identify strengths and weaknesses of proposals 
  • Capability to score objectively 
  • Easily produce detailed reports on submitted proposals

Along with the identified requirements, several other factors were taken into consideration when researching available evaluation software, including optimum cycle time and scoring accuracy; standard evaluation criteria; a central electronic proposal repository; and comprehensive, defendable reporting functionality.

The Bureau of Procurementís implementation of eRFP allows us to: 

  • Collect and separate opening of Disadvantaged Business (DB), cost and technical proposals 
  • Provide quality RFP evaluations 
  • Produce complete and traceable documents, as well as timely contract award decisions 
  • Enable evaluators to reduce or eliminate traveled



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