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Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Department of General Services (DGS), Bureau of Procurement (BOP)
Desire for improvements to current Request For Proposal (RFP) process led to a search for a system because: 
  • Proposal evaluations were manual
  • Cumbersome, paper generating system 
  • Labor intensive process
  • Uneven and inconsistent results 
  • Numerous spreadsheets and documents maintained in various locations

The Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) like other ERP systems does not allow collection or separate opening of Disadvantaged Business (DB), cost and technical proposals.
More effective and efficient RFP was solution needed.

DGS wanted to establish an RFP system which:

  • Tracks progress of each evaluator
  • Captures each evaluator’s comments
  • Identifies strengths and weaknesses for each proposal
  • Allows proposals to be scored objectively
  • Produces detailed reports to assist in decision making process

Department of General Services (DGS), Bureau of Procurement (BOP) investigated an automated process to provide:

  • Improved cycle time and accuracy of scoring
  • Standard method of evaluation
  • Central repository for proposals
  • Defendable reporting

DGS invested in eRFP because it provides:

  • Proposal evaluation system 
  • Automates RFP evaluations
  • Automates source selection process for various contract types
  • Provides quality evaluations, complete and traceable documents and timely contract award decisions
  • Enables evaluators to reduce or eliminate travel
  • Enables evaluators to score more efficiently via the web
  • Provides Group Decision Support System for RFP evaluation
  • Guides evaluators through an organized set of online forms
  • Provided secure entry point for Bureau of Minority and Woman Business Opportunities (BMWBO)

Sysoft eRFP:

  • Is Configurable
  • Convert paper into electronic
  • Provides standardize methods
  • Enables evaluations electronically
  • Provides Traceability
  • Generates scoring analysis reports
  • Tracks evaluator progress and provides a runtime report instantaneously
  • Provides Defensible reports

Buyers or Commodity Specialists (CS):

  • Easily identify and justify selection of “best qualified” proposal
  • Use detailed summary report to develop short list 
  • Generate final evaluation report
  • Document evaluation process from project set-up to final award recommendation
  • Gain from reduce time, cost and subjectiveness of evaluations
  • Capture all notes generated during evaluation process
  • Can access complete audit trail 
  • Eliminate paper intensive processes 
  • Track progress of each evaluator 
  • Compare evaluator scores for discrepancies, inconsistencies, and partiality


  • Use on-line forms with pre-defined evaluation criteria
  • Access electronic version of RFP 
  • Record comments for each evaluation criteria
  • Have no knowledge of scoring formulas
  • Gain objective evaluation process 
  • Increase evaluation efficiency 



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