A line that signifies colabarative development, integration of unlimited third party tools, requirements driven consistent development


This helps in selecting a process, selecting metrics, and selecting evaluation project specific issues. It is saved as a template in a template library. Future templates inherit properties and attributes from other templates in ”single inheritance architecture”. The system has a default template. Users create templates modifying this default template or modifying another previously created user template. All templates use criteria from a central criteria database based on user definable categories of criteria. This database consists of registered criteria used within the agency. As the agency starts using the architecture, the template library grows and soon the task of criteria registration and selection becomes a non-factor. The template holds process attributes such as rating system, past performance models, strength and weakness attributes and other quantitative parameters.

FIGURE 2 - Criteria Registration

FIGURE 3 - Configure Criteria Type

FIGURE 4 - Selecting sub-criteria from the criteria library

FIGURE 5 - Select the Rating System



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