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The ability to easily identify the “best qualified” firm or proposal is a very complex process. It involves selection of right criteria, metrics, subject matter experts as evaluators and an evaluation process that just suits the Request For Proposal. By ensuring the selection of the most qualified firms, the practitioners can anticipate that they will realize cost savings by having projects completed on time and within budget. 

The biggest challenge is to establish an environment that allows for flexibility in process and at the same time save cost, effort and time of the practitioners in administering the evaluation process.

The use of the system to facilitate the RFP evaluation process enables practitioners to reduce the time and cost of proposal evaluations, reduce the subjectiveness of evaluations, provide a complete audit trail, eliminate paper intensive processes, and increase evaluator efficiency.

In the quest of such an environment, the advanced software architecture is used.

The architecture is based on a generic intelligent eBusiness driven Group Decision Support System. This unique methodology is based on an architecture that can configure its main engine differently at different times depending on type of RFPs being evaluated.

For example: the software architecture looks different when a construction RFP is evaluated in this system compared to an instance when software-consulting vendors are selected through another RFP. From RFP to RFP, from agency to agency, from one buyer to another buyer the selection process looks different to suite the needs of the evaluation process.. 

In a traditional software, this can be achieved with expensive maintenance work from IT departments. In this project, expensive IT maintenance is avoided and the users without any knowledge of computer programming can configure the architecture based on their process needs, agency guidelines, evaluation project specific issues, and detailed reporting requirements.



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