A line that signifies colabarative development, integration of unlimited third party tools, requirements driven consistent development

It establishes a set of methodologies and tools for evaluating diverse RFPs without building endless models in spreadsheets. The biggest problem in RFP evaluation is that every RFP can be different from another and the evaluation model may require a change from RFP to RFP. In addition, the purchasing practitioners are busy professionals. Every agency evaluates RFPs in a somewhat different way. In this project, a software configurator, a web based group decision support system, an evaluator interface, a productive reporting interface, and an online vendor data submission interface create a flexible environment that is capable of evaluating any RFP using a flexible evaluation process. The challenge was to establish an environment that allows for flexibility in the process and at the same time save cost, effort and time of the practitioners. The use of the system to facilitate the RFP evaluation process enables practitioners to reduce the time and cost of proposal evaluations, reduce the subjectiveness of evaluations, provide a complete audit trail, eliminate paper intensive processes, and increase evaluator efficiency. The architecture described in this paper is known as eRFP.



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